Sartle's Carvapalooza 2017!

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It's the end of October, which can only mean one thing: Sartle's annual Pumpkin Carvapalooza!

Luckily for us, this year we have 5 interns (and Lauren) at the office who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. After surfing the web for some well needed inspo, we came up with some pretty cool designs! Not to toot my own horn (no really, I didn't do any carving this year) but I think these are Sartle's best pumpkins yet! If you're curious about our previous beauties and monstrosities, here you can find our creations from: 2014 - 2015 - 2016 

But with no further ado, here are the results from 2017:

We're starting off with a Frida Kahlo pumpkin, based off of Nickolas Muray's famous photograph, shot in 1939. You can never go wrong with Frida!  

Next up is Bansky's famous Panda with guns, because well.. obviously street art makes the best pumpkin designs.   

Which is also true about the next one: Blue Nude III by Henri Matisse at Centre Georges Pompidou, works by Matisse obviously also make for really good pumpkin designs.  

That's why we didn't make 1 but 2 of them! Icarus, plate VIII in his book Jazz by Henri Matisse.  

The Scream by Edvard Munch at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo. A classic!

And last but certainly not least we have Keith Haring's Dogs. Because, dogs!

That's it for pumpkin carving this year, but stay tuned for more scary Halloween stuff directly from Sartle HQ! 

by: Silke

Silke van de Grift


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wolf norman

Pumpkins are difficult to carve, but I like the dog one