About Us

I never gossip. I observe. And then I relay my observations to practically everyone.

-Gail Carringer, Timeless

Knowledge is power.

-Francis Bacon, Meditationes Sacrae

What is it?

Sartle is an art database which combines serious art history with snarky observations and hilarious, strange and shocking facts for you to enjoy.

What does it do?

Sartle tells stories about art, often including the exciting stuff art history books skip, while ignoring much that is probably important to stuffy art historians. Our info on artwork, artists, museums, and more, is contained in a database searchable twenty ways from Sunday, but the most fun way to search is by our crazy list of topics. Those with wanderlust will also love to plan art trips by exploring different cities.

How do I use it?

Sartle can be used to answer all-important questions like “Hmm, how many penis-related works of art are located in the city of Paris?” A quick Sartling, and presto! One has a map of Paris with the results of a meticulously documented penis artwork collection superimposed. You can even search for artworks featuring cows in Amsterdam, bad relationships in London, or mustaches in San Francisco. 

Whatever your heart desires can be Sartled— and the results will be displayed in map form, along with carefully researched back stories and reviews: what we like to call Sarticles!

This mind-blowing knowledge can be used to impress people at parties, to cement a victory in court, to proudly tweet out to total strangers, to expand one's bucket list, and most importantly...to plan your visits to museums worldwide.

Why? Just...why?

Because it’s fun, and because we can. But also, we found a whole bunch of complicated academic literature behind the idea that art is good for humans and for society. We plan to publish an annotated summary of that literature soon.