About Us


Sartle mixes serious art history with snarky observations and hilarious, strange and shocking facts about artworks and artists for you to enjoy.

We tell the story behind the art, including the exciting stuff textbooks skip, making art more relatable and just plain fun to talk about. We try to leave out all that stuffy and boring art history you probably remember from college, taking away words like chiaroscuro and postmodernism and adding info about scandals, heists, and sex. 


Feel free to explore around your favorite city, see an artist’s body of work, or plan which museum you’ll visit by greatest number of butts found in the contemporary gallery. On Sartle proper you’ll find articles written specifically about an artwork, artist, or place. On our blog we discuss all things pop culture, trending topics, and travel.

As a public benefit corporation, we have lofty goals to turn even the biggest skeptic into a lifelong art lover.  Sartle aims to:

  • Disrupt and democratize the traditional academic art history model.
  • Benefit the world by creating more art lovers.
  • Inspire existing art lovers by telling them things they didn’t know about their favorite artists.
  • Help students and teachers spice up their curriculum. 

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