Resurrected Artists Carve Pumpkins at Sartle Office*

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It’s a true Halloween miracle!!  Three artists rose from the dead and showed up at the Sartle office with pumpkins and tools in hand.  We said “Perfect! Just in time for our pumpkin blog!”  They said “What’s a blog? Please, we just need space to work. You’re getting in the way of our creative process.”

So we did what anyone would do and ushered them into the conference room and then peeked in through a crack in the door.  What we saw was amazing. There is truly nothing like seeing artists make art.  Unfortunately, all the proof that remains are the pumpkins they left behind as they sauntered back to wherever they came from.

The first of our visiting artists was the great and beautiful Frida Kahlo, who graced us with yet another self portrait.


Our girl wouldn’t be complete without her flowers.  She based her pumpkin off of this picture:


Next we have Keith Haring who, by the way, had only ever carved two pumpkins before this and both were as children and he didn’t really know what he was doing.** So keep that in mind.


He was inspired by this:


And finally, someone who thought a little bit outside of the box when it comes to pumpkin carving, Clyfford Still.  (By “outside of the box” I mean he didn’t even carve a pumpkin at all.  Did you know that he’s scared of sharp objects?***)


He may have lost his edge….


Untitled by Clyfford Still housed in the SF MoMa

All of us here at Sartle would like to wish you a magical All Hallow’s Eve and we would like to thank Frida, Keith, and Clyff for joining us here earlier this month.***

by Maya

*No they didn’t.  We here at Sartle made these pumpkins.  Man, we really had you fooled!

**That’s not true about Keith (but it is about me)

***Joining us in ~spirit~ (spooky)

Maya Jacobson