Great Art History Gifts for the Holidays

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As the holidays approach and merrymaking intensifies, the pressure to cross everyone’s name off your shopping list mounts, but fear not! We’ve put together a selection of dazzling gifts the art history lovers in your life will be thrilled to receive! And to be honest, you’ll probably have just as much fun giving these gifts as you would unwrapping them.


We hope you find these products as delightful as we do. Just an FYI: Some of the links below are amazon affiliate links, meaning that at no additional cost to you, by clicking through and making a purchase, you will also be contributing to the growth of Sartle.


1. Make Your Own Mondrian: A Modern Art Puzzle  

De Stijl, my beating heart! This delightful puzzle allows you to achieve abstract equilibrium by composing your own harmonious works of art inspired by Piet Mondrian. Perfect for someone who loves their ~mental clarity~ .

Find it on amazon here.

2. Paris Street, Rainy Day Umbrella

When the sky is dull and drizzly, this umbrella inspired by Gustave Caillebotte’s masterpiece will transport you to Paris and make walking in the rain magical again! Guaranteed to get you compliments, it’s ideal for the Romantic in your life. 

Find it on amazon here.

3. Design Your Own Deity Magnet Set 

This magnet set takes portions of works of art depicting deities from all over the world and lets you make your own hodgepodge holy being! Your most irreverent friend will love it.

Find it on amazon here.

4. Almond Blossoms Cleaning Cloths

Now you can make the pain of smudged glasses go away with this set of beautiful Van Gogh inspired cleaning cloths. Your mom’s reading glasses will thank you.

Find it on amazon here.

5. Pre-Raphaelite Tarot Cards

The Pre-Raphaelites loved the mystical and otherworldly, so it makes sense that their ethereal images should grace a Tarot deck. We can totally foresee that the cartomancer in your life will love this. 

Find it on amazon here

6. Hokusai Tea Cup

This gorgeous mug featuring Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa will definitely make a splash! It’s made of real Kutani porcelain and it has such a lovely shape that it just begs to be held. 

Find it on amazon here

7. Bob Ross The Art of Chill game

So what if you won’t find Bob’s art in a museum? No one before or since has ever made painting feel so possible! In this game, you compete for “chill points” as you paint landscapes filled with happy little trees. A fun gift for your most laid back friend.

Find it on amazon here.

8. Leonardo da Vinci catapult

How could one man be so brilliant? With this kit based on one of Leonardo’s actual designs, you can get a glimpse into Leonardo’s mind, as well as launch projectiles across the room. Great for someone who loves their art with a side of engineering.

Find it on amazon here.

9. Masterpiece Tablecloth

This lovely tablecloth comes in many different sizes and features an eclectic array of works of art, from Napoleon Crossing the Alps to Lady with an Ermine, overlaid on a charming floral motif. This is perfect for that one friend who hosts tea parties after art museum outings. And if you don’t have that friend, go find one.

Find it on amazon here

10. Cult Artists: 50 Cutting-Edge Creatives You Need to Know by Ana Final Honigman

This awesome book covers modern artists who have earned the “cult” label, from James Ensor to Faith Ringgold and Ana Mendieta. A lovely compendium for anyone who likes to see boundaries getting pushed.

Find it on amazon here.

11. Frank Lloyd Wright Puzzle

This dazzling puzzle, which sparkles in gold foil, is based on a design that Frank Lloyd Wright made for the cover of Liberty Magazine in the 1920s but which was never used because it was considered too radical. Give this shimmering gift to your most rad friend.

Find it on amazon here

12. Klimt Socks

These colorful socks take Klimt’s beloved The Kiss and pair it with an unexpected but delightful pattern inspired by his mosaic-like designs. They’re sure to make someone’s feet very happy. 

Find it on amazon here

13. Greek Columns Salt and Pepper shaker

They'll never forget their orders of columns again. You've got your basic Ionic for salt, and Corinthian for pepper because it's just a little bit spicier. Treat this to your friend who loves those Greeks and Romans. 

Find it on amazon here

14. Magritte Shopping Bag

Carry your groceries in this Magritte-themed reusable shopping bag and the bag will carry your imagination along with them! Perfect for anyone who ever has to buy things.

Find it on amazon here

15. The Artist Magnetic Poetry Set


This amusing set contains all sorts of great art words, from silhouette to surreal, in which to convey one’s creative musings on the canvas that is the refrigerator. This is one stocking stuffer that will make waiting for the microwave to finish a lot more fun. 

Find it on amazon here

16. A Woman’s Place is in the Museum Tee

Whether as artists on the walls, as staff members, or just walking the galleries, women certainly do belong in the museum. This Guerilla Girls-esque sentiment is great for the person in your life who fiercely defends representation in the arts.

Find it on amazon here.

17. Andy Warhol Puzzle

This delightful Warhol-inspired Campbell’s soup can is just plain adorable as it is, but it also comes with a jigsaw puzzle inside! Could there even be a cuter stocking stuffer?

Find it on amazon here.

18. Cat in Art Notecards

Art enthusiasts and cat lovers alike will enjoy these note-cards that feature cats taking on the starring role in classic paintings like Ophelia and the Arnolfini Portrait. The only problem is that the cards are so cute, they’ll never actually send any!

Find it on amazon here

19. Devil on Night Chair Bosch Figurine

This little cutie is straight out of Hieronymus Bosch’s cryptic masterpiece The Garden of Earthly Delights. It makes a great gift for anyone who likes the weird stuff in art history. Only issue I have with it? There are no birds coming out of the naked man’s butt. 

Find it on amazon here

20. Modern Art Desserts by Caitlyn Freeman

This beautiful cookbook contains recipes inspired by works of art from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It’s perfect for your friend who knows their way around a measuring-cup and a Matisse.

Find it on amazon here.

21. Van Gogh Irises Ornament

This ornament from the Getty is so beautiful, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t stay out all year long!

Find it on amazon here.

23. Basquiat travel bags


These waterproof bags featuring the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat are fantastic for storing toiletries or even art supplies. They make a great gift for the person in your life who knows that the King of Street Art is not, and never has been, Banksy.

Find it on amazon here.

24. The Grand Museum of Art Boardgame

Would the board game renaissance of recent years be complete without a game set in an art museum? I think not. Players compete to design the most popular exhibitions, making this game perfect for your friend who yearns for the museum world.

Find it on amazon here.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Time to finish up shopping! And from all of us at Sartle, Happy Holidays!

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