Emo Art History: Warhol

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Andy Warhol. Self-Portrait with Skull, 1977. 

When I think of Andy Warhol, it’s all glitter, drugged out parties and supermodels.

But, as so often happens, the life of luxury takes its toll. To commemorate Andy’s death on this day 29 years ago, we’re getting deep. 

So close your blinds, start up that “sad songs” playlist and get ready to mope…because here are some of my favorite emo quotes from the man himself.


Andy Warhol. Gold Marilyn Monroe, 1962. Museum of Modern Art, NYC.

If nothing else, he certainly kept up his flair for the dramatic…

(Though this line rings v. true for Marilyn.)


Andy Warhol. Campbell’s Soup Cans, 1962. Museum of Modern Art, NYC

If you say “soup” over and over it totally loses its meaning.

Soup soup soup soup soup soup soup soup soup. 



Andy Warhol. Oxidation Painting (in 12 parts), 1978. Andy Warhol Museum

Like perhaps, say…these piss paintings?


Andy Warhol. Self-Portrait, 1986. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Warhol goes on to change his mind, as artists are wont to do, and says “Well, actually, I’d like it to say ‘figment’.”

Andy didn’t get his wish when he died unexpectedly in 1987 after routine gallbladder surgery.


Here’s a picture of his grave in Pennsylvania:


At least visitors have jazzed it up a bit!

Warhol would have also loved this art project by Earthcam and the Warhol Museum, which live-streams his gravesite in classic Warhol style:


[Image via Earthcam]

And to cheer you up after all that, here’s a photo of Andy Warhol with his weenie dog, Archie:


Oh gawd, did I make it sadder?


There. He’s smiling.

We love you, Andy!

By Angelica Jardini

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