Museum of Modern Art

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Angelica Jardini

Sr. Editor

MOMA, as the acronym suggests, hosts a super huge, super famous collection of modern art. 

The iconic museum is a must-see New York destination, especially after the 2002 renovation which cost a cool $858 million. It’s conveniently open every day of the week, but will leave tourists out $25, the most expensive museum admission price in the already pricey city.  If you’re ballin’ on a budget, head over there on Fridays after 4 p.m., when entrance is free.

Some juicy historical facts:

  • In 1958, a fire destroyed an 18-foot Claude Monet painting of water lilies.  They replaced it with another version, but one worker lost his life and the employees and visitors who had to jump from the roof to the building next door were no doubt traumatized. 
  • The museum was criticized in 1969 for pulling funding from an art project that protested the Vietnam War by depicting U.S. soldiers as “baby killers.”  The rich guys on the board were Nixon fans all the way. Freedom of artistic expression only goes so far, I guess. The group who designed the poster protested by bringing copies of it and placing them in front of Pablo Picasso’s famous painting of war violence, Guernica.  The museum, embarassed by the publicity, flip-flopped and included a copy of it in a show the very next year.

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