Hamburg Arts Hall



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Hamburg Arts Hall
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This museum is the epitome of German architecture and it takes itself seriously enough to live up to that title.

If you’re hanging around in Hamburg, Germany on a rainy day and have a few hours to kill, the Kunsthalle Hamburg is easy to reach by bus or train; there are stations for both right next to the museum. Kunsthalle Hamburg also has a great cafe overlooking the city of Hamburg, so it’s a nice spot to grab lunch, too.

The Kunsthalle Hamburg is one of Germany’s largest museums (in terms of gallery space, not collection size) and houses works from some of art history’s most famous artists including Rembrandt, Edvard Munch, and Caspar David Frederich. The collection itself is internationally acclaimed, thanks in no small part to the monthly special collections that help add to the experience of the museum’s ever-expanding permanent collection. The contents of the museum basically play out like an art history 101 textbook, spanning seven centuries and including works from ye olde Medieval times, all the way through contemporary artists. Collections are even organized according to era.

Probably the best part about the museum, though, is the architecture. The whole institution is made of three buildings: one made out of brick that is insanely ornamental, the next made out of limestone and done in a neo-classical style, and the last is a uber modern building designed by the architect Oswald Mathais. The museum space is huge and laid out so that it doesn’t get very crowded, even during peak visiting time. But the best part is that all of the buildings are connected by an underground tunnel! So fancy!




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