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He’s the heavy metal version of the second coming of Jesus.

We love getting new contributors and we’d like to introduce you to one of them: Clayton Schuster joined us about a month ago and has made writing reviews of our numerous artworks, artists, and museums look like a walk in the park or perhaps a walk on water. 

Check out some of the things he’s written:


The Triumph of Death by Pieter Bruegel the Elder at the Prado National Museum 


The Museum of Art History Vienna, which includes notable artworks such as Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand by Albrecht Dürer, and Head of Medusa and The Four Quarters of the Globe by Peter Paul Rubens


The Czartoryski Museum, which holds Lady with an Ermine one of the four portraits Leonardo da Vinci ever did featuring a single woman.

He even helped fellow contributor Sarah pick through years of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show for art history references (we’re still impressed you guys did that in 2 weeks BTW) 

We look forward to seeing what else Clayton comes up with and we know you’ll enjoy it too.


By: Lauren Dare

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