Wardrobe Malfunction or Greatest Nip Slips of All Time? II

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Miley Cyrus has become quite the activist for the Free the Nipple Campaign. She’s mostly naked all the time anyway, we’re not sure any of her finest moments could really be called nip slips when there’s nothing to slip out of. Oh well, on with the show…

The Devil Wears Nothing


Nude Seated on a Sofa by Pierre-Auguste Renoir at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (left), and Anne Hathaway at the Mr. Abbott Awards, 2005 (right).

Anne Hathaway dusts off her golden globes for this side-boob number.  She even has similar facial features to Renoir’s Nude Seated on a Sofa, not that anyone’s checking out her bone structure.

The Full Jayne says “Hello, kitty”


Sofia Loren sneaks a peak at Jayne Mansfield’s nipple…curse the fool that invented pixelization!

The grandmammary of modern celebrity wardrobe malfunctions:  Jayne Mansfield gives an eyeful to Sophia Loren Loren at this 1957 gala.  Loren reported being afraid Mansfield would “spill all over the table,” and she wasn’t talking about her cocktail.


Pink Panther by Jeff Koons at the Museum of Modern Art (left), and Jayne Mansfield pin-up, circa 1960s (right).

Artist Jeff Koons modeled this sculpture after Mansfield, probably recalling the famous nip slip.  Fun fact: Jayne Mansfield had a higher IQ than Stephen Hawking.  Who needs a bra when you’re a super genius!  Amiright?

“Dude Looks Like a Lady.”


Andy Warhol by Alice Neel at the Whitney Museum of American Art (left), and Stephen Tyler over-indulges in his Hawaiian vacation (right).  Hang loose brotha…ok, not that loose.

Don’t think you got off so easy, boys.  We are nothing if not egalitarian.  No reason why a gentleman can’t have a bad nipple day.  Steven Tyler of Aerosmith shows off moobs to rival Andy Warhol by the queen of awkward nudity, Alice Neel.  I do want to close my eyes…I really do!

“Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me!”


The Glutton at the Moulin Rouge by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec at the Museum of Modern Art (left), and Susan brings out the Banger Sisters (right).

Susan Sarandon is a glutton for punishment in this structurally unsound dress revealing some unintended décolletage, evoking Toulouse-Lautrec’s The Glutton at the Moulin Rouge.  Like Thelma and Louise, these girls are about to go over the edge.

By: Griff Stecyk

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