Jeff Koons
American artist



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Jeff Koons
American artist
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Birth Date

January 21, 1955

Arty Fact

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Born January 21, 1955

Worked at the front desk of NY MOMA and as a commodities broker.

Married world renowned Italian porn star Cicciolina, whose act included peeing on her audience, and who also spent five years as a member of the Italian parliament (not an Italian version of the band Parliament, the actual Italian parliament).

Cicciolina divoced Koons and took their only child with her back to Italia. Koons won sole custody in a US court, but the Italian supreme court correctly overruled the US prudes, and awarded custody to porn star mom.

A businessman and a skilled promoter, Koons has used an image consultant, sometimes talks about himself in the third person, and advertises his work.

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Here is what Wikipedia says about Jeff Koons

Jeffrey Koons (/knz/; born January 21, 1955) is an American artist known for working with popular culture subjects and his reproductions of banal objects, such as balloon animals produced in stainless steel with mirror-finish surfaces. He lives and works in both New York City and his hometown of York, Pennsylvania.

His works have sold for substantial sums, including at least two record auction prices for a work by a living artist, including $91.1 million with fees in May 2019. On November 12, 2013, Koons' Balloon Dog (Orange) sold at Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale in New York City for US$58.4 million, above its high US$55 million estimate, becoming the most expensive work by a living artist sold at auction. The price topped Koons' previous record of US$33.7 million and the record for the most expensive living artist, held by Gerhard Richter, whose 1968 painting, Domplatz, Mailand, sold for US$37.1 million at Sotheby's on May 14, 2013.Balloon Dog (Orange) was one of the first of the Balloon dogs to be fabricated, and had been acquired by Greenwich collector Peter Brant in the late 1990s. His Rabbit in stainless steel fetched the highest price ever for a piece by a living artist in May 2019, selling for $91 million.

Critics are sharply divided in their views of Koons. Some view his work as pioneering and of major art-historical importance. Others dismiss his work as kitsch, crass, and based on cynical self-merchandising. Koons has stated that there are no hidden meanings in his works, nor any critiques.

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