Sartle Shines a Light

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The Sartle team is beyond thrilled to be flying up to Portland today to visit the Portland Art Museum! Not only is it the oldest museum on the West Coast with an amazing permanent collection, but we’ll also be there in time for their annual Shine a Light event. 

Shine a Light is an exciting time when artists and administrators rethink the possibilities of art and museum exhibition.  In conjunction with the Portland State University’s MFA in Art and Social Practice, the museum will showcase tons of cool installations, wacky performances (arm wrestling with artists, anyone?!) and interesting discussions- all focused on what it means to be a museum in 2014!

Since Sartle’s mission is to get people to art museums and make it fun, we know we’ll have a blast and learn a lot collaborating with these creative folks. And, in true Portland style, they will even have a selection of beers inspired by famous artworks! Sounds like a Sartle party if we ever heard one…

We’ve been so impressed by the museum (and stoked for our trip) that we’ve already added some artworks from the Portland Museum to the database.  Check these out:


Christ on the Cross by Sandro Botticelli


 Death of the Strong Wicked Man by William Blake


Russian Midget Friends in a Living Room on 100th Street, New York City by Diane Arbus


The Ox Cart by Vincent Van Gogh

We can’t wait to see these and the rest of the collection in person, attend Shine a Light and tell you all about it!

By Angelica Jardini

Angelica Jardini

Sr. Editor