Gaga at the Golden Globes: Behind the Scenes Art History Style

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Madame X by John Singer Sargent at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

We admit, we miss us some Lady Gaga, which is why we were so excited to see her make an appearance at this year’s Golden Globes looking very much like Madame X.

For a hot second the internet was obsessed with this Gaga-DiCaprio interaction when Lady Gaga went up to receive an award for her role as The Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel.


Perhaps it’s just the Gaga-deprived world needing a fix since the artist has shied away from the spotlight in recent years. The incident was really not a big deal considering the limited amount of space available in the venue. And Gaga was probably way too busy relishing in her moment to let anybody hold her back. But we’ve compiled an art history-inspired play-by-play account of what we believe went through the artist’s head in the exact moment she went up to receive her award.

The disbelief:

Who? Me?


At the Moulin Rouge by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec at the Art Institute of Chicago

The realization:

That’s me!


Jane Avril (1899 Poster) by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec at the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum

The determination:

Onward, to receive my award!


Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix at the Louvre-Lens

The expedition:

Pardon me, I have to receive my award, you see?


Sacrifice of Polyxena by Charles Le Brun at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The frustration:

DiCaprio! Can you not?


Susanna and the Elders by Artemisia Gentileschi at Schloss Weissenstein

The celebration:

Free at last! Golden Globe, here I come!


The Intervention of the Sabine Women by Jacques Louis-David at the Louvre Museum

Unfortunately, that hot second of Gaga fury is over again, and we cannot wait for her new album to come out so that we have more Gaga news to obsess over.

For now, we’ll just take comfort in knowing that Gaga is still somehow trying to maintain her edge, as she made paint-splattered love on a canvas with her fiancée, Taylor Kinney for the cover of V Magazine.


Stay gorgeous, Gaga!


By Kyla

Kyla Crisostomo