Drag Queens Do Art History

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As any rabid fan of Ru Paul's Drag Race will tell you, the competing queens are Artists with a capital A. Between making their own costumes, doing hilarious celebrity impressions, learning complicated dance routines and perfecting Whitney Houston lip syncs, these are the real Renaissance men. (Suck it, da Vinci!)

In honor of last week's finale, and of course for Mother Ru, we've compiled all the artsy inspiration for the most sickening lewks of Season 9.

1. Aja as Lady Liberty

Ah, the Statue of Liberty, one of our most iconic and patriotic queens. I only wish the one in Manhattan was wearing lycra. 

2. Peppermint as Lady Liberty

Or even better, no pants at all!! But two wannabes in the same episode??

2. Cynthia Lee Fontaine as a bullfighter

Serving up picador sequin realness!!! Cynthia is so much more glamorous than Mademoiselle V in this Manet painting.

Someone is in dire need of a makeover. Those shoes, hunny.

3. Charlie Hides as a pilgrim

No tea no shade but for being the oldest queen on Season 9, maybe Charlie Hides shouldn't have dressed as Abigail Adams?

OK maybe a little

But before you can read her she pulls of this reveal:

Ohhhh!!! Mrs. Adams doesn't have gams like that! More legs than a bucket of chicken.

4. Farrah Moan as Glutton

Here's Louise Weber aka La Goulue (The Glutton) in her natural habitat at the Moulin Rouge as painted by Toulouse-Lautrec.

And here's Farrah's look for the White Party Realness Runway:

We can't blame her for copying, though. She is from Vegas after all, and if I learned anything from the movie Showgirls (I learned everything from the movie Showgirls) it's that it's tough work to be a star in Sin City.

Hopefully nobody pushes her down the stairs...

5. Sasha Velour: Andy Warhol and Keith Haring

Sasha gives herself the Marilyn treatment in a nod to NYC's Pop Art scene.

And the heart she's carrying is a nod to Keith Haring. As is that adorable little white earring!!! (Seriously, where can I get one?)

Double trouble. She's so smart. There's a reason she was crowned!


By Angelica Jardini

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