14 Mugs for Art History Lovers

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Autumn is fast upon us, and you know what that means! Warm beverage season is here. And does there even exist an art history enthusiast who isn’t a serious drinker of tea or coffee? Maybe it’s because both art and warm liquids provide the stimulation of the senses that art lovers crave. Whatever the reason, we’ve assembled some fantastic mugs for lovers of all things art history. 


And while it may be pumpkin spice season, these mugs are anything but basic.


We hope you find these products as delightful as we do. Just an FYI: Some of the links below are amazon affiliate links, meaning that at no additional cost to you, by clicking through and making a purchase, you will also be contributing to the growth of Sartle.


1. Brief History of Art mug



Almost as complete as Janson’s History of Art, this mug presents a survey of art from the caves of Lascaux to Jeff Koons. With wonderfully dynamic overlapping figures and a cleverly balanced composition, you’ll notice something new every time you use it!


2. Labrador Dali mug

This punny mug imagining Salvador Dali as a dog brings almost as much joy as a real labrador! Not only will this surreal cup get the ol’ pun juices flowing at the start of each day, it will also remind you to let your imagination run free.


3. Frida Kahlo mug


This vibrant mug is perfect for any Frida Kahlo lover. Brimming with motifs from her work, the mug also contains the quote “I never painted my dreams, I only painted my own reality” in both English and Spanish. While you can buy Frida’s face plastered on almost anything these days, this mug feels both celebratory and respectful of her legacy.


4. Vincent Van Gogh mug


All it takes is a beard and a band-aid to identify this ceramic Post-Impressionist. Combining sleek minimalism with irresistible charm, this Vincent Van Gogh mug will watch over you from your desk or shelf. And for a face without eyes, he’s somehow not even *that* creepy. 


5. Camera Lens mug


Maybe photography is your jam. In which case, this stealthy camera lens mug is picture-perfect.  


6. Great Nudes mug



What better way to serve up some hot stuff than in this Great Nudes of Art History mug? The images on the side, like the Rokeby Venus and Michelangelo’s Adam, start out clothed until hot liquid is added, and the clothes disappear to reveal the full glory underneath.


7. Gothic Architecture mug



Maybe you’re a Medievalist at heart, whose imagination soars with the pointed arches of Gothic cathedrals. This simple but lovely mug has exquisite details and fine craftsmanship, and just makes you want to bust out a copy of “The Pillars of the Earth.” Or, you know, nip over to Europe to walk under those arches in real life.


8. Museum of Bad Art mug



First of all, The Museum of Bad Art is a real place in Somerville, Massachusetts. It showcases art that is so bad it simply can not be ignored. The museum is currently closed for renovation, but you’re in luck! You can still enjoy their masterpieces like “Pablo Presley” on this mug that is so ugly, it will, as the box says, actually bring beauty into your home “as it makes you appreciate the beauty of everything that surrounds it.”


9. It’s Hard to get a Handle on Modern Art mug



This cute, traditional Japanese tea cup is sure to delight with its charmingly illustrated rows of modern artists from Courbet to Bacon. It gets bonus points for including a significant number of women artists, like Berthe Morisot and Alice Neel. Well done, mug.


10. Living Coral 16-1546 Pantone Mug



If you are interested in design at all, chances are you’re familiar with Pantone and their color-matching system. These Pantone mugs are bold and iconic, and they come in a variety of colors, like Lagoon Blue 3025 C and Ultra Violet 18-3838, so you can make your own set of your favorite hues!


11. Picasso mug



Those stripes. That eye. It can only be Picasso. He was the bad boy of Modern Art, and now he can be the Bad Boy of your kitchen cupboard.


12. William Morris mug



This graceful mug features William Morris’s “Strawberry Thief” design, which was inspired by the thrushes stealing fruits from the garden at his country home, Kelmscott Manor. Elegant yet warm, this mug would be the perfect companion for getting cozy with a good book.


13. Architecture mug



Raise the roof with this gorgeous architecture-themed mug! It comes in that ravishing “blue-print” blue that all architects know and love and features detailed diagrams of famous structures from the Pantheon to the Seagram Building.




14. Greek Statue Mug



This mug is a classic for all you Greek and Roman art enthusiasts. It’ll let you soak up the wisdom of the Ancients while you sip on your coffee. And it would also look adorable just holding pencils or a plant! 



Cheers to cozy times and the many hours of pleasure the perfect coffee mug can give!


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