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Some say that, “The best museum in Rome is the city itself.” But with work by Caravaggio, Botticelli, Raphael, and Bernini, the Borghese Gallery collection is top notch.

The gallery is housed in Villa Borghese, which was the party villa for the Borghese family, a well off family of Italian noble and papal background. They used this villa to host extravagant shindigs and to house their extensive art collection. The villa itself is located amongst one of the largest and luscious gardens in Rome. To this day, these gardens constitute the third largest park in all of Rome, so if you love beautifully manicured hedges or have a naturally green thumb, a stroll through theses gardens on your trip to Rome will definitely conjure up feelings of joy.

Cardinal Scipione Borghese, the nephew of Pope Paul V, began collecting paintings, sculptures, and antiques early on. The extensive collection that he amassed over the years became the foundation of the Borghese Gallery. Once the ragers at the villa subsided in the late 18th century, they turned the villa into a public art museum. At the dawn of the 20th century, the family donated the gardens, buildings, and art collection to the Italian government.

This is a great gallery to visit if you have a lust for Renaissance art or the cultures of antiquity. There are also some amazing mosaics and frescos scattered throughout the villa as well. And if for some reason you have fallen off your rocker and are not feeling the art of these old masters, you could always prance about the amazing gardens that surround this gallery instead. 

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The Galleria Borghese (Italian for 'Borghese Gallery') is an art gallery in Rome, Italy, housed in the former Villa Borghese Pinciana. At the outset, the gallery building was integrated with its gardens, but nowadays the Villa Borghese gardens are considered a separate tourist attraction. The Galleria Borghese houses a substantial part of the Borghese Collection of paintings, sculpture and antiquities, begun by Cardinal Scipione Borghese, the nephew of Pope Paul V (reign 1605–1621). The building was constructed by the architect Flaminio Ponzio, developing sketches by Scipione Borghese himself, who used it as a villa suburbana, a country villa at the edge of Rome.

Scipione Borghese was an early patron of Bernini and an avid collector of works by Caravaggio, who is well represented in the collection by his Boy with a Basket of Fruit, St Jerome Writing, Sick Bacchus and others. Additional paintings of note include Titian's Sacred and Profane Love, Raphael's Entombment of Christ and works by Peter Paul Rubens and Federico Barocci.

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Wilma Mcconnell

This museum is definitely on my post pandemic Italy travel list.