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No need for art galleries when your closet is your own personal museum and the street is your runway. …Anybody else notice that Tyra and J are both saying fierce at the same time?

For this second batch of art related gift ideas we’re looking towards our closets and their sad lack of art history representation. Don’t you wish you could walk down the street as a moving Monet or Kusama piece? 


Let’s shop, fashionistas! Oh right, these are for your friends and family because giving or whatever.


The amazing group over at Retrofolie makes these AMAZING customized corsets with your favorite artworks on them. As you can see above, they do everything from Vincent van Gogh to Sandro Botticelli, a little pricey, but definitely worth it. If your budget is a bit more conservative they also have dresses that fit the bill. 

Every fashionista is working on their pingame these days. What better way to keep your art next to your heart than with a mini Hokusai


If you’re not so much into uncomfortable corsets and dresses how about a nice silky tie inspired by René Magritte’s The Treachery of Images to go with your not-suit?

The Sartle Shop has some super comfy leggings if you're not into uncomfortable corsets. Find Klimt, Mondrian, Bosch, socks, and more!


If clothes aren’t really your thing why don’t you try some nail art to accessorize? The Piet Mondrian and Roy Lichtenstein inspired ones are by tattify and the Vincent van Gogh and Johannes Vermeer on the bottom can be purchased at tempusfugit. These are just four examples of the literally hundreds of options they have! 


MOMA even has these exclusive Andy Warhol tote bags you can lug all your new purchases in. They’re even on SAAAAALE!


Happy shopping everyone!

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