Happy International Cat Day

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It’s International Cat Day! Prepare yourselves for a doctorate-level analysis of the significance of cats in various paintings throughout the ages. Just kidding, these are just some of the most awesome cats artists kept as pets. 


Today on The Catchelor, I’ll be judging 13 artist’s cats based on name, cuteness, companionship, and the X factor. The top 3 cats will receive a rose, while the remaining kitties will have to pack their bags and return home. Let's meet the contestants.

  1. Babou, Salvador Dali’s ocelot

  1. Vaske, Kandinsky’s charming kitty

  1. Frida Kahlo’s...monkey…? Oh wait, there’s the cat…

  1. Edward Gorey and all of the cats. All of them.

  1. Georgia O’Keeffe’s Siamese kitty

  1. Of course, we couldn’t leave out Gustav Klimt’s kitty, Katze.

  1. Paul Klee’s Bimbo. Not the woman, the cat. Obviously.

  1. Ai Weiwei’s cat Lai Lai, who is one of 40. He sure gives Gorey a run for his money.

  1. Romare Bearden’s buddy Gippo.

  1. Picasso and Minou, another Siamese cat. A popular breed among artists for some reason.

  1. Maya Lin’s kitty, ready for Instagram fame

  1. Herbert Tobias’s kitty, workin’ it as high-fashion headgear


  1. Lastly, Henri Matisse’s two cats, Minouche and Coussi.


Now that we’ve met all the contestants, it’s time to immediately eliminate 10 of them! Our first rose goes to Katze! Not only does he have an awesome name for a cat, but he stood by his master’s side while he painted masterpieces like The Kiss. Plus their photo together is super cute.



The next rose is for Georgia O’Keeffe’s unnamed siamese cat! We don’t know his name, but I like a little mystery in my kitties. I’m sure he gave her some tips as he watched her paint Cow’s Skull and Jimson Weed. 


Last but not least, our final rose goes to Babou!  Babou is a mini leopard after all. Not only did they take tons of selfies together, but Babou would even chill with Dali and his friends when he threw parties at his house. He was also the inspiration behind Cheryl’s pet ocelot in the animated show "Archer."


That’s it for us, we'll see you next year for another episode of The Catchelor.

Alison Smith


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