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No, no…you’re not looking at an artsy, vintage layout from Playboy. That’s Georgia O’Keeffe as photographed by her lifelong, on again off again inamorato, Alfred Stieglitz.

Between 1917 and 1937, Alfred Stieglitz went shutter crazy and took about 300 nude pictures of his perpetual muse O’Keeffe, with whom he had a very rocky relationship. Hmm…I wonder if there’s an “art history” album featuring O’Keeffe in the ex-girlfriend section on porn sites. Well, I’ll leave you readers to conduct that particular Google search.

Anyway, my girl Georgia was about 30 when this picture was taken, and let’s just say that 1917 was not a good year to get photographed in your birthday suit. It was the nineteen tens, people! Picture old ladies fainting and dudes popping their monocles when they came face to face with Georgia’s bush at an art gallery.

Though Stieglitz felt differently. He thought that portraiture wasn’t confined to the face and felt like the body also gave way to expressing emotions and gestures that indicated a different kind of record of a person’s life. “To demand the portrait that will be a complete portrait of any person,” he said, “is as futile as to demand that a motion picture be condensed into a single still.” Ok, Al. We’ll buy that one.

But not so fast! Artsy fartsy BS aside, Stieglitz was also a vindictive creep! He photographed O’Keeffe again when she was forty-five, and during one of their break-ups he displayed her recent pictures next to photographs of his perky new twenty-something. Not cool, man. Stieglitz was about twenty years older than O’Keeffe and about forty years ahead of his new chick! We wish someone had shot a portrait of him in all his sagginess and hung it (lol) in the boyfriend hall of shame.