de Young Museum

1.73 mi from Sartle HQ in SF, CA

Anna McNeary


The de Young Museum is nestled in picturesque Golden Gate Park and has an extensive permanent collection across global art traditions, including an entire gallery totally devoted to traditional art and craft from New Guinea.

The museum's distinctive architecture will make sure you don't pass it by. The exterior of the building is covered in perforated copper that creates stippled light patterns similar to natural light passing through a tree canopy. Its architects also chose copper for its changing nature--over time, the museum's facade will continue to oxidize, morphing in color and texture. 

The de Young shares central offices and a board with the Legion of Honor, another major SF art museum. Fun fact: tickets at either museum are valid at the other. If you're a champ, you can check out one, break for lunch, and then head over to the next. 

Or, if you care to pay nothing at all, the de Young's sculpture garden is free and features outdoor work by many of the art world's superstars as is The Tower where you can take in a bird's-eye view of Golden Gate Park. 




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