Who loves pumpkins?

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We do! But carving is a whole other story… Last year, we summoned some dead artists to do the carving for us, but this year there were none to be found. Luckily we have some talented artists at Sartle headquarters who bravely stepped in and finished the dirty job. By talented artists I mean two pumpkin veterans and a first timer who didn’t know what she was doing (me). 

Who loves stencils more that Andy Warhol? That’s right, lazy pumpkin carvers. Why try to be original and fail miserably if you can rip off existing images, just like some of the greatest artists? 


It’s not the first time you’ll find the banana on anything other than a canvas. I’m not talking about that famous cover of the Velvet Underground album you’ll find in any hipster home. German artist Thomas Baumgärtel has been tagging art galleries with this banana ever since 1986. So if you ever come across a spray painted banana in the wild.. you’re probably near an awesome gallery. There might or might not have been sightings of bananas at the campus of a Dutch university. It was definitely not after these two anonymous chicks threw a fabulously inappropriate USSR X Pop-Art karaoke party. 


That was just a coincidence.


These pumpkins are inspired by Ai WeiWei‘s Colored Vases from SFMOMA. He dips his ceramic vases in paint and let’s them dry. I can tell you it’s not that easy when your vase is actually a pumpkin. But who cares, these little pumpkins look super cute. I feel like this might be next year’s Halloween home decor trend.


Untitled (Your Body is a Battleground) by Barbara Kruger at The Broad

They say everything’s better with pumpkin spice, but wouldn’t everything be even better with a hint of feminism? It’s definitely true when it comes to carving a pumpkin. I truly felt like a badass independent b*tch while scraping out the gooey insides of this veggie version of Donald Trump. Barbara, please join us next time!


An egg sculpture by Jeff Koons, duh.

We thought this last pumpkin would be an easy one, but we might have underestimated Jeff Koons’s skills? In the spirit of his egg obsession, we decided to spray paint Fort Mason (and my fingers) a neon pink color. Eventually, we managed to get some paint on the pumpkin as well. Is Jeff really that talented, or am I just really clumsy? OR were most of the eggs made by his team of 14 night crew workers that just got laid off? Who knows.

Only a few days left till Halloween, so start carving! Tick Tock!


By: Silke

Silke van de Grift