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read on to learn who tour guide Lia, pictured above, has a crush on

MuseumHack, an energetic bunch of nerds famous for giving the world’s absolute best museum tours ever, recently flew from New York to San Francisco to lead a private fiesta for some lucky party. Thanks to Snowmageddon, they were stuck here for extra days, and the Sartle Team got to hang out with them.

This included:

  • Basking in the San Francisco sunshine
  • Cocktails at DIYOrg HQ
  • Learning who our coworkers have art history crushes on.  The answers ranged from George Washington *cough* Lauren *cough* to the painter of the freakiest painting of all time (chosen by Lia, who likes a man “in touch with his dark side.”)  Oh, and a “young” Georgia O'Keeffe.
  • Enjoying an epic poem composed and recited by tour guide Michelle about King Henry VIII
  • Boat ride
  • Learning that Dijon, founder of popular blog Souls of Society, would like to travel back in time to Ancient Egypt in order to witness the aliens building the pyramids
  • Swinging on a swing

MuseumHack sang a ditty about our good ol’ San Francisco.

We sang right back to ‘em.

The paintings from our video:

  • 'Big Poppa’
  • Crack is Wack
  • Ice Skater
  • Party scene
  • Monkeys 'n’ Frida

Til next time, in Art we Trust,

Carolyn & Team Sartle

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