Shine a Light on Portland!

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Awesome sculpture in downtown Portland.

Sartle got our sparkle on at the 5th annual Shine A Light event at Portland Art Museum last weekend.  This fun-filled evening included spontaneous performance art in and outside the museum, a beer tasting of a local microbrew inspired by Jean-Baptise Geuze’s famous painting “The Drunken Cobbler,” and much much more.


Michael Horwitz perfecting one of many masterpieces that evening.

We were lucky to sit down and have a portrait drawn by artist Michael Horwitz, while other attendees received tarot card readings using a customized deck composed of artwork from the museum.  Far out! To the left you can even see a study Matisse did for his Dance painting.


His colorful study of me and my friend Karl.

Then, after watching a wild tear-down of a cardboard box city built all day long by children (and patiently directed by artist Eliza Gregory), we watched an 8-year-old girl stand amongst the crumpled “buildings,” singing a song bemoaning her destroyed “grocery store.”


Brave girl smiles and sings amidst the wreckage.

Inspired by her performance, Sartle ended the night by hitting up “Karaoking the Museum,” and literally karaoke-ing a cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker,” cleverly rewritten to be about, fittingly after all those microbrews, “The Drunken Cobbler.”   

“Some people call me the drunk cobbler…yeah

Some call me irresponsible

Some people talk of morals

Cause I drink, just like a rich man does…”


Inspirational brews that made us all feel like rock stars.

With all these fun activities we almost forgot we were in an awesome museum! Wandering through the galleries we spotted Charrette de beouf (The Ox Cart) by Vincent van Gogh. That poor cow could probably have used one of the many microbrews we tasted. 

We love when museums go the extra mile to create events like this, where people can have an awesome time and are encouraged to rethink the role of museums in our communities.  Sartle knows art can be fun and we’re so glad to have Portland on our side!

By Carolyn

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Carolyn Nickell


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