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Ooooh yeah, time for prezzies!

Art history lovers are all about human expression, and what better way for them to express themselves than through their fashion choices? If you know someone who geeks out over art history and loves to wear their art on their sleeve, look no further than here for some super cute and stylish gifts.


1. Kitty Cat T-shirt


Who wouldn’t love this classic tee featuring cats as great artists? From Pablo Picatso to Roy Licatstein, it’s purrfect for helping you remember your favorite artists from then and meow.

Get it for your friend with the most cattitude here.

2.Klimt Coin Purse

Take a Klimpse at this this! A golden purse to put your gold in. Or at least, your dimes and nickels. Featuring Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer l, this coin purse is perfect for the person who brings a little glitter to your life… and has a purse full of loose change.

Get it here.


3. Art Nouveau Nail Polish 

Nail polish from Jin Soon’s Fall 2017 collection is perfect for any lover of Alphonse Mucha or Edward Byrne-Jones. Inspired by the Art Nouveau palette, this collection takes classic fall colors and somehow makes them feel fresh and new again. All the opulence of Tiffany glass, right on your fingertips!

You can find it here.

4. Van Gogh Tee

Available in men’s and women’s cuts, this t-shirt gives you a little chuckle but also makes you wonder. What’s about to get weird? Is Van Gogh referring to his ear incident, or all the crazy art that would follow the post-impressionist period? Either way, he was definitely right. It did get weird.

Find it here.


5. Kandinsky Socks

Sometimes your feet need a little culture and inspiration. If so, look no further than these fantastic Kandinsky socks. This dude could hear colors, for goodness’ sake. Imagine what your feet will be up to in these.

Find them here.

6. Frida Kahlo Backpack

Brimming with flowers, this backpack featuring the inimitable Frida and her beautiful quote “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?,” is to sure to inspire compliments, as well as just plain inspire.

Get it here.

7. William Morris Scarf

While this scarf is a perfect gift for a Mom or aunt, with such a rich and gorgeous design (intended originally for wallpaper), it’s hard for anyone to resist this instant touch of class courtesy of William Morris & Co.

Get it here.


8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Artists 

They’re the world’s most fearsome painting team… Okay, so maybe these artists didn’t work together from the sewers of Florence to combat petty crime lords and alien invaders, but it’s safe to say there wouldn’t have been a Renaissance at all without their combined effort. Then where would we all be? Possibly living in sewers, too. This shirt is a perfect gift for anyone you know who wears t-shirts.

Check it out here.


9.  Dutch Master Dress

Dress like an old master and add some movement to this still life by Jan Davidsz. de Heem. This stunning silk dress, straight from the Rijksmuseum, is sure to make the wearer feel like a masterpiece.

It can be found here.


10.  Durer Parody necktie

A great tie for anyone who loves Durer’s bleak Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but also enjoys a laugh here and there. Amplifying the horror of the End Times, designer Michael Phipps has given the horsemen musical instruments not found in the original engraving (namely, bagpipes and an accordion) to herald the final reckoning of mankind. If this is what the end of humanity sounds like, be very, very afraid.

Find it here.


11.  Art History Enamel Pins

Every outfit can do with a little flair. Check out this timeless pair of quality enamel pins featuring Salvador Dali and a Melting Clock. The Unemployed Philosophers’ Guild has other cute art history pairs, too, including Frida Kahlo and Monkey, Andy Warhol and Soup Can, and the ever popular Van Gogh and Ear.

Find them here.

12. Soup Can Pin

And finally, here’s another adorable little dose of positive thinking and pop art in pin form.  If you're looking for stocking stuffers, you can do no with this.

Get it here.

And of course check out some of our offerings in the Sartle Store.


13. Leggings Galore

Klimt, Mondrian, and Bosch, respectively. Both cute and affordable, these leggings sure know how to make an entrance and can be found at the Sartle Store.


14. Pug Leggings

Need I say more? The Great Wave off of Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai has never been so cute.  All of the above leggings, as well as all sorts of other wearable goodies like enamel pins and art socks, can be found in the Sartle shop.


We hope this guide helps you give the right gift to the right person so you don’t have to worry about any awkward gift exchanges like this one.

And don’t forget to check out our Holiday Gift Guide for Booklovers, too! Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays to all!


By Jeannette Baisch Sturman

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