Sartle Bows Down to the Kardashian-Wests

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Shown here with the tragically named baby North. 

Just kidding, no we haven’t! Kanye may be a skilled rapper and Kim a skilled … selfie taker, but there’s no way we’ve become a celebrity gossip rag. 

We love a good art parody and Kimye are happy to supply them. Just recently Sartle’s home page featured not one, but TWO stories about Kim and Kanye. 


Kim Kardashian continues her plan for total world domination through art history and Kanye is collecting honorary degrees left and right. We even jumped on the Kylie Jenner bandwagon when our artworks went rogue and took the terrifying Kylie Jenner Challenge. 

We’ve put ourselves on a Kardashian Kleanse so you shouldn’t see anything about any of them at least for the next few weeks. No guarantees if they start seriously buying art. 


Amy Schumer knows what’s up. Bow down, mortals! 

By: Lauren

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Lauren Dare

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