Get Butt Naked In A Trippy Museum

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Thanks to this Creators Project blog by Emerson Rosenthal, I learned I can finally achieve my dream of stripping to my skivvies and frolicking in the fantastical light art installations of artist James Turrell at his retrospective at National Gallery of Art, Australia


“We seem to forget the nude is really important to art history,” artist Stuart Ringholt tells the Canberra Times.  Sartle didn’t!

Why the nudity?  Why now?

“Light is this amazing elixir,” Turrell explains in a documentary.  “We drink light through the skin as Vitamin D […] so we are literally light eaters.”   Yep, I’ll bet you’ll enjoy some “vitamin D” (wink, wink) at this exhibition of exhibitionists.

Prospective attendees must be 18 to purchase tickets.  Each tour will be followed by a nude tea reception.  More like, nude-i-tea.  And I’d prefer a cocktail, myself.  If I feel uncomfortable, I’ll just flee to the breast-room.  I mean restroom!


(Image:James Turrell, Virtuality squared 2014, Ganzfeld: built space, LED lights, 800 x 1400 x 1940.5 cm (overall), Collection James Turrell, Image: National Gallery of Australia)

Well, if I don’t make it to Australia, I’ll just have to wait ‘til San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers to bare my butt and enjoy this other Turrell work in the de Young Museum sculpture garden…au natural.

by Carolyn Nickell

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Carolyn Nickell


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