FOG Art + Design: the Sartle Scoop

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Have you met San Francisco’s most famous citizen, Karl?  Karl the FOG, that is …

“Named after the iconic and ethereal phenomenon for which San Francisco is renowned, FOG Design+Art is a platform for contemporary design and art that shifts, morphs, and reveals itself through multiple forms and dimensions.” - FOG

Last week, Team Sartle stormed FOG Design+Art Fair because it was hosted next door to our office at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, and because we’re also kinda into art, you know, just a little.

One piece of art caught my eye immediately after we entered.  Check out these glasses, below, that remind me of our own Sartle logo!  Please note, these aren’t your average sunglasses – these specs are made entirely of ceramic! 


by Matthias Merkel Hess at Artsy’s booth

We also loved saying hi to Crown Point Press, a local publishing institution founded in 1962 that’s been run by women ever since.  Our all-female Sartle Team was stoked to learn that fun fact.  Here’s some work that Crown exhibited.

Here’s my future living room:


Friedman Benda’s booth by Joseph Driste

Look at this invisible mug by “atelier” Ted Noten!  I consider it an homage to Meret Oppenheimer’s furry Object.  Drink up, buttercup!


by Ted Noten, Dutch jewelry designer

Danziger Gallery (New York) even displayed this Dorothea Lange photo developed from the original negative! This image became famous when it was first printed in the San Francisco Chronicle, saving the lives of 2,500 starving farmworkers.  


by Dorothea Lange


Park Life founder Jamie Alexander was chatting up a constant stream of visitors to his inviting booth, where I could finally pick up and touch things.  Park Life is a combination retail store and art gallery that has been thriving in San Francisco since 2006.  We love their Jeff Koons-style balloon dog bookend!  Try to find it in the photo above, but don’t tell Jeff …he hates when people make balloon dogs since he obviously invented them.  Pop!

Another highlight was this gold-plated vagina.  I mean, can you imagine!?


by Lauren Kalman at Sienna Patti Contemporary

We’ll end on that.  Thanks FOG Design+Art, see you next year.  Stay foggy, San Francisco!

By: Carolyn

Carolyn Nickell


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