Five Art Inspired Wedding Cakes

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I’m in my late 20s, which for about five years has meant that March and April bring with them a stack of “save the dates” for the summer’s upcoming weddings. The “Ides” of March have become the “I dos” and April showers are all of the bridal variety.  Yes, much like winter in Game of Thrones, Wedding season is coming.

To help you get through the next few months I bring you art-inspired versions of some of the wedding things you can look forward to starting with a list of cakes. Because you bride-to-bes don’t have enough things pinned to your “cake ideas” Pinterest boards already.  

1. The Kiss


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As you might have guessed, Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss is a common theme in the art-wedding cake game. The warm colors and romantic content make it the perfect creative confection for an artistically inclined couple looking to last through their golden wedding anniversary.

2. American Gothic


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I know you’re probably wondering why someone would want to base their wedding cake on a painting about a spinster daughter and her crotchety father. Well, the sour faced pair of Grant Wood’s American Gothic can’t diminish the sweetness of representing traditional values on the cake that unites two families. This is an ideal cake for corn-and-cultured-fed couples wanting to project their dedication to the simple life and to each other.



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I’m sure I don’t need to explain why this straightforward Robert Indiana and Roy Lichtenstein combo cake is all you need at any wedding. Base your cake on Love and Kiss II and your reception is sure to pop.

4. Starry Starry Night


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Another common art theme for weddings is Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. The color palette is gorgeous and easily applicable to everything from bridesmaids dresses to flower arrangements, not to mention it sets the perfect tone for a night spent dancing under the stars with your friends and family. Bonus points for couples with Van Gogh’s sense of romance and my sense of humor that think a detached ear groom’s cake would be the perfect companion piece to this beauty.

5. Swaying Dancer


Image via frostedpetticoat

Not for mere art fans, this cake is for the cultured AF couple who love nothing more than taking in a ballet after a nice day at the Met.  Though not the only Degas themed dessert on my Pinterest board, this one takes the cake for the gestural sketches on the bottom tier and the beautifully subtle attention to color throughout. Elegant and delicious.

By: Sarah Oesterling

Sarah Oesterling

Sr. Contributor