Demons at the Metropolitan Museum in Neo Yokio

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In Ezra Koenig’s new Netflix anime series, Neo Yokio, a demon enters the Metropolitan Museum of Art and chaos ensues. If anyone has not seen the show yet, here is your SPOILER ALERT. There will be spoilers. Neo Yokio’s seemingly futuristic New York is split between the wealthy New York upper class and a new neo-riche class that emerged as demon hunters. Jaden Smith lends his voice for the main character, Kaz Kaan, New York’s best demon exorcist and hottest bachelor. Well, unless he’s ousted by his arch nemesis, Archangelo, played by Jason Schwartzman. The impressive voice cast list continues with Alexa Chung, Steve Buscemi, and even Joel Martinez and Daniel Baker from Viceland’s Desus and Mero. Some of the memorable moments include a signature caprese martini, large toblerones, a robot butler with Jude Law’s voice among others.  

One of the highlights of the series is the episode featuring a night at the MET Gala. Kaz Kaan shows up to the red carpet with a pop star and his robot butler.

(top) via Netflix, (below) via @Metmuseum/ Instagram

According to Koenig, Sailor, the pop star, is based on a few real life pop stars like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. The blue haired pop star with a southern accent, named Sailor, may be a reference to Sailor Moon, Takeuchi’s popular 1990’s manga series. The best part about this character is how she pronounces her hometown, North Kakalaka (say it five times fast with a southern accent).


Then the two take photos on the red carpet, exhibiting the most talked about museum event in the country that has very little to do with art.


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And now for the art featured in the show inside the Metropolitan Museum. An earlier scene shows characters inside the Greek and Roman Art Gallery inside the Museum. Sculptures and vases are placed in their exact location, giving a pretty accurate depiction of the museum halls.

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Next is the Modern Art Gallery at the Met. Where an Andy Warhol self portrait can be seen on the far right of the Neo Yokio scene. Another interesting snippet on the show are the two mute museum posse that seem to just follow the adjunct curator around in identical, yet fashionable, purple shrouds and identical hair dos.

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The main art feature of the episode is the Damien Hirst skull, For the Love of God. The choice of art is on point with the theme of the show, as some have said it reflects on a “celebrity obsessed culture.” The skull sold for 100 million dollars at Hirst’s White Cube Gallery in London. An 18th century 35-year-old man’s skull was cast and coated with 8,601 diamonds in this work.

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Next, on the list is the Isle of the Dead by Arnold Böcklin. This painting is one of five versions painted by Böcklin. One version also exists in the Old National Gallery in Berlin. Again, it’s fitting that this work is used for a battle between Kaz Kaan and the Hirst skull possessed by a demon. The fight also happens inside the painting as apparently demons can enter a three dimensional world inside paintings. That would make for an amazing VR app.

(top) via Netflix, (bottom) via Wikipedia

Check out the show on Netflix for more.

  By: Angeera Khadka


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