Art Market San Francisco 2016

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Warning, serious shoe and well-tailored rich people envy ahead.

Last year, Sartle sponsored a panel at Art Market San Francisco–  See Art Differently: Engaging New Audiences in World-changing Ways– featuring our very own Tania Houtzager as well as our pals over at Museum Hack and SFMOMA:


This year, we were a bit more incognito and just went for a stroll around the fair itself. I got a little confused about where I was going and ended up thinking I was super cool for sneaking into the Renegade Craft Fair next door–  I hadn’t brushed my hair that morning and was wearing stripes so I thought my imposter levels were low enough for me to walk around looking super ready to bust out some artisan succulent holders.

When I found the real Art Market (note to visitors: it’s in Fort Mason’s Festival Pavilion, NOT next door in the Herbst Pavilion) and handed over my ticket, I was immediately struck by the vastness of the space. Seriously, look:


There’s really nothing better than showing up for work and then realizing you get to wander around in an endless labyrinth of contemporary art. I was also really thrilled by how many trendy old people there were on the premises. We’re talking badass Yayoi Kusama-style senior citizens… the perfect fashion inspiration for today’s youth.

The star of the show seemed to be Electric Works, an SF gallery that had a huge display of paintings by author Dave Eggers:


There were probably 20 other people crowded into the gallery space, in various states of hysterics over the hilarious captions of his paintings.


The dude is a genius, but I had to tear myself away to check out some of the other artwork.


So much art! So many galleries!


A man in a suit wheeling around a massive bomb! Still pretty confused about this one, but nobody else seemed to be alarmed.


A young art critic! So cute.

If you’re in SF we totally recommend checking out the SF Art Market this weekend. Can’t beat a day full of art by the beautiful bay! Tickets are on sale here



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