Art History Halloween Costumes for Lazy People

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If being a ghost feels too basic, but you don’t want to sink to the level of dressing as a sexy piece of corn or the same celebrity as 5 other people, consider an art-historical Halloween costume. Guaranteed to be creative, fun, and free of inappropriate humor and cultural appropriation. Links to easily available costume components included because we know you're too lazy to find it yourself. 

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Andy Warhol

This is arguably the easiest costume ever. All you need is black pants, a black turtleneck, a white wig, and a can of Campbell’s tomato soup.

Vincent Van Gogh

This costume has room for a little blood and gore. A collared shirt and neutral pants with a blue jacket or blazer is an easy base for this costume. Just wrap your head in a bandage and bloody one side (fake severed ear optional). Bonus points if you’ve got a friend or partner who wants to dress up as the horrified prostitute he sent it to. With a multi-pack of fake ears, hand some out to whoever you choose.

Yayoi Kusama

This one you might have to explain to non-artsy people, but for those who know, the distinctive red bob and affinity for polka dots is unmistakable. Don your best polka dot dress, add a wig and red lipstick. Pretty fitting for a holiday where pumpkins are front and center. 


This might actually be the easiest costume here. No one knows who Banksy is, or what they look like, so theoretically, it could be you and no one could tell you otherwise. Simply wear a black hoodie, and stick a nametag on there.


Girl with a Pearl Earring

Ok, this one is going to take a little bit of scarf draping skill. Pull all your hair back, and layer the blue and yellow scarves to look just like Vermeer’s famous painting. Top it off with a large pearl earring.

A Jackson Pollock Painting

This costume starts the same as a ghost: get a sheet and cut eye holes in it. Then, go to town splattering paint all over it.

Happy costuming!

Kaila Temple


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