5 X-Files Episodes Abducted by Works of Art

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We here at Sartle are super(naturally) excited for the much anticipated return of The X-Files airing this Sunday 1/24 on Fox. 

Like so many fans we have wanted to believe that Mulder and Scully would someday be back on the airwaves, opening (and never solving) cases about things that go bump in the night and government conspiracies. After years of being teased by the possibility, the future we fought for on message boards and conventions has finally arrived.

To celebrate we’ve abducted a few of our favorite episodes to create art/X-Files hybrids so convincing that even Scully won’t be skeptical.

1. “2Shy”- This creation is the only picture in the bunch that is not ours, as evidenced by the fact that it is much better than the rest. This creepy, kissy Klimt inspired poster is by J.J. Lendin, the man responsible for The X-Files Poster Project. He creates “vintage style movie posters for every episode of The X-Files” resulting in a collection of art that could quickly liquidate any X-Phile’s bank account. Unfortunately for all of us, this poster based on S03E06, “2Shy” about a cyber-Romeo with a taste for women is the only piece based on fine art and not film.

2) “The Jersey Devil”- We can’t think of a better Birth of Venus substitute than our favorite naked neanderthal from S01E05, “The Jersey Devil.” Mulder and Scully make a cameo in the left hand corner, presumably Botticelli painted Mulder a red speedo beneath his cloak.

3) “Bad Blood” - Based on our favorite comedic episode, S06E12 “Bad Blood” follows Mulder and Scully’s separate interpretations of their case in a rural town terrorized by (possibly) hot country vampires. Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son is the perfect choice, featuring fangs almost as gangly as guest star Luke Wilson’s.

4) “Anasazi” - This season two finale (S02E25) opens on a young boy in the desert who stumbles upon a boxcar containing the skeleton of an alien. One of the best “mythology” episodes and season finales, this episode epitomizes the spirit of the show just as Vereshchagin’s The Apotheosis of War epitomizes the horrors of war.

5) “Home” - Undoubtedly one of the most violent and flinch-worthy episodes in the show’s nine season run, “Home”  (S04E02) follows the investigation of a dead infant and leads down a dark tunnel of murder and sexual abuse. Since the heart of every home is the mother (especially in this case), Whistler’s Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1 aka Whistler’s Mother is an ideal representation of the homely Peacock family’s horrific tale.

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