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Like it or not, Jeff Koons is one of the biggest artists of our time.

One would think to propel yourself to stardom in the arts you probably need to be a pretty creative person. Turns out, not true!

Koons has a real knack for taking the work of others and blatantly making it his own. The art world has come up with a cute little term for this: "appropriation art." In the rest of the world we would just call it stealing, but this has become part of the contemporary art game, and Koons is one of its best players. As Pablo Picasso once said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

Koons is at it again! This time though, he got caught ripping off someone else’s artwork rather than sliding under the radar. Photographer Art Rogers took the original photo of this couple with their throng of pooches in 1985 and decided to make postcards out of it. Old Koonsy later happened upon the postcard and promptly sent it off to his fabricators to turn the quirky image into a sculpture which he would then make oodles of money off of. $367,000 for an edition of three to be exact! Nonetheless, Rogers was clearly not too pleased about someone raking in the dough by stealing his imagery and he confronted Koons. Koons, being the cocky man he is, never denied stealing his image but claimed it was fair use when utilized for parody reasons. Suuuure. The real joke here is that he thought that would work! Turns out it didn’t, and the courts ordered Koons to return the sculptures to Rogers with a whole boatload of cash. Ahhh, justice.

Well, maybe not for the people this sculpture is based on. Lets face it, Koons took an endearing photo and somehow managed to make these folk look like an ad for the newest anti anxiety drug. Side effects may include drowsiness, drooling, and infertility. I mean, why else do they have so many dogs?

So did Koons learn his lesson about stealing images? No, not really. Since this scandal, Koons has been sued multiple times for the same plagiarism issues. Old habits die hard I guess, or many he is just running out of ideas. Oh wait; did he ever have any in the first place?