Duane Hanson
American artist



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Duane Hanson
American artist
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Makes crazy realistic sculptures of people.  When he started out, his stuff showed the brutal side of human nature with works like Abortion, which shows the blood and gore of an illegal procedure, and Race Riot which depicts a group of white police officers attacking an African American man.  With intense pieces like these and even one that showed the horrors of the Vietnam War, he definitely had his finger on the pulse of the politics of the 1960s.

I'm not sure what that says about the pulse of America in later years, but from the pudgy, dull folks Hanson started to create in the '70s, I'd venture to say it has been significantly slowed by trans fats.​

​Hanson once said, "I'm not duplicating life, I'm making a statement about human values."  From hate crimes to fast food, it's pretty clear he doesn't think that highly of ours.​


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Here is what Wikipedia says about Duane Hanson

Duane Hanson (January 17, 1925 – January 6, 1996) was an American artist and sculptor from Minnesota. He spent most of his career in South Florida. He was known for his lifecast realistic works of people. He casted in various materials, including polyester resin, fiberglass, Bondo, and bronze. His work is often associated with the Pop Art movement as well as hyperrealism.


Duane Elwood Hanson was born January 17, 1925, in Alexandria, Minnesota. After attendance at Luther College and the University of Washington, he graduated from Macalester College in 1946. Following a period where he taught high school art, he received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills in 1951.

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