Oakland Museum of California
museum in Oakland, California



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Oakland Museum of California
museum in Oakland, California
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1000 Oak Street
Oakland, California
United States

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Boxy 1960s architecture houses the Oakland Museum of California, bastion of Cali pride. 

It’s home to work by artists with connections to the Golden State from diverse periods, movements, degrees of fame, and career stages.

OMCA also boasts California History and Natural Science galleries, just in case you forgot that California is completely badass across disciplines. 

The museum has a semi-secret sculpture garden visitors often miss. It’s not hard to find if you keep an eye out for the signs or ask the staff.

The museum consists of a series of staggered galleries. A garden runs over the roofs, and the whole place feels like a neatly contained urban oasis.

Bring a picnic and soak in the sunshine as you reflect on how we have underrated Oakland. 






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Here is what Wikipedia says about Oakland Museum of California

The Oakland Museum of California or OMCA (formerly the Oakland Museum) is an interdisciplinary museum dedicated to the art, history, and natural science of California, located adjacent to Oak Street, 10th Street, and 11th Street in Oakland, California. The museum contains more than 1.8 million objects dedicated to "telling the extraordinary story of California." It was created in the mid-1960s out of the merger of three separate museums dating from the early 20th century (Snow Museum of Natural History, Oakland Public Museum, Oakland Art Gallery), and was opened in 1969.

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