Embark Gallery - What Grows Here Exhibit Opens

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Our second exhibit opened this past Friday and we are, once again, impressed by the amount of alcohol you guys can consume! Just kidding. 

We’re so, so happy with how well-received San Francisco’s newest gallery has been. Just  look at all these people mingling about! 


What Grows Here features works that engage with the exhibition Fertile Ground: Art and Community in California (on view through April 12) at the Oakland Museum of California—artworks as diverse as California itself. The works selected for this show consider the history, experience, and consequences of the environmental challenges facing California today, proving once again that the Bay Area is indeed a fertile ground for artists who engage in a socially conscious practice.

Artists in the exhibition include Ashley Valmere Fischer (Stanford University); Tanja Geis (UC Berkeley); Scott Hewson (SFAI); Jessica Hubbard (CCA); Tim Kopra (SFAI); Nicole Lavelle (CCA); and Carolina Magis Weinberg (CCA). If you can’t make it to San Francisco, here are a few of the artworks on display: 


Flat Fog by Carolina Magis Weinberg, 2014; digital print


The rock wall by Ashley Valmere Fischer, 2006; inkjet print on archival paper 


Littoral Daemon II by Tanja Geis, 2014; Mud from San Francisco Bay on paper.

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