Dallas Museum of Art
art museum in Dallas, Texas



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Dallas Museum of Art
art museum in Dallas, Texas
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1717 N Harwood St.
Dallas, Texas
United States

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Visiting the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art) has pretty much the same effect as MDMA 

Located in the Arts District in downtown Dallas (the largest arts district in the country because everything's bigger in Texas), DMA has everything you could ever wish to see except what’s in other museums. The museum boasts the largest collection of Texan art, which is much more than the cowboy hats, barbecue, and boots you may be imagining. The museum is also stacked with works of all the classics from Edgar Degas to Cindy Sherman. To put it simply, if the Dallas Museum of Art was a fantasy team, they would earn all the points and win all the things.


It is so awesome partially due to the donations of Emery and Wendy Reves, who basically transplanted their villa in France, La Pausa, which was originally designed for Coco Chanel into the Dallas Museum of Art. This included their entire art collection of paintings GOATS. Emery Reves (obviously) was a great art collector but he was also a literary agent and founder of the publishing company, Cooperation Publishing Service which was known for its anti-Nazi material. Emery also owned the rights to the war memoirs of his good friend, Winston Churchill. Their friendship eventually fizzled though because their wives hated each other and Emery blamed his wife’s depression on the Churchills. He might not have been the most rational man, but we do have him to thank for the excellence of the Dallas Museum of Art and also a residence hall at the College of William and Mary, which is as random as it seems.

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Here is what Wikipedia says about Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) is an art museum located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas, Texas, along Woodall Rodgers Freeway between St. Paul and Harwood. In 1984, the museum moved from its previous location in Fair Park to the Arts District. The new building was designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes, the 2007 winner of the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal.

The museum collection is made up of more than 24,000 objects, dating from the third millennium BC to the present day. It is known for its dynamic exhibition policy and educational programs. The Mildred R. and Frederick M. Mayer Library (the museum's non-circulating research library) contains over 50,000 volumes available to curators and the general public. With 159,000 square feet (14,800 m2) of exhibition spaces, it is one of the largest art museums in the United States.

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