Winter Is Coming: Warm up to It with Andy Goldsworthy’s Art

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As the temperature grows colder, some of us desperately hold on to the last warmth of autumn. The beautiful golden and crimson leaves begin to fall and we clutch our apple pie scented candles closer. Whether you’re staving off your annual seasonal depression or you’re a die-hard autumn addict frantically drinking your pumpkin spice latte, Andy Goldsworthy’s nature art is going to help you transition peacefully into winter. So don’t worry; we’re going to get through this together.

Look at these leaves, there’s still some green left on them. We have plenty of time to take “candid” pictures of throwing leaves up in the air for Instagram and maybe even go apple picking.

Green to yellow leaves by Andy Goldsworthyhorse chestnut patch, green to yellow, torn leaves, with spit, yorkshire sculpture park by andy goldsworthy

Horse chestnut patch, green to yellow, torn leaves, with spit, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 1987

These bright red and yellow leaves are the perfect inspiration to take a brisk stroll in the park and admire the changing colors with your boo. All those dying leaves reminding you that life is only temporary? Suuuuper romantic.

sycamore leaves stitched together with stalks hung from a still green oak by andy goldsworthy

Sycamore leaves stitched together with stalks hung from a still green oak, 1987

Andy Goldwworthy Elder Leaf Patch, Cumbria 1983

Elder Leaf Patch, Cumbria 1983

The trees may be mostly golden and brown now, but it’s the perfect weather to stay inside and drink apple cider. Homemade cider, of course, none of that instant powder crap. Won’t it be nice to be inside under a blanket with a steaming hot mug, so cozy and warm?

 Natural Man Leaves around sycamore treerowan leaves laid around a hole...yorkshire sculpture park (+ another, smlr; pair) by andy goldsworthy

Rowan leaves laid around a hole, 1987

And just like that, it’s already the first frost! The weather is still warm enough to frolic outside and you can transition to taking “candid” pictures of throwing snow up in the air.

river ice wrapped around a river stone by andy goldsworthyRiver Ice Wrapped Around a River Stone , 1992

Ice arch, 1982

Ice on Ice, 1980

We’ve already made it into the heart of winter. See, not so scary. Yes, it’s cold, but without the drop in weather, we wouldn’t have these amazing icicles and Andy Goldsworthy’s ice sculptures. Let’s take some time to admire the natural beauty of winter.Andy Goldsworthy, ‘Reconstructed Icicles’, 2010, Marta Moriarty

Reconstructed Icicles, 2010

Icicles' thick ends dipped in snow, then water 1987eight slabs of snow/grise ford, ellesmere island by andy goldsworthy

Eight slabs of snow/grise ford, Ellesmere Island, 1989

Touching North, 1989, North Pole

Enjoy the change in the seasons!

By Sammie Seibert

Sammie Seibert


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