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Hi everyone,

My name is Silke, the newest contributor here at Sartle. It took me way too long to find this semi-normal picture. In 2012, I got my masters degree in Art History and I’ve been working as a curator and floor/project manager ever since. I love trivia, I mean funny facts are basically the only thing anyone remembers after all those tests, right? So I am pretty excited to work and write for Sartle!


Last year my computer nerd husband and I moved to Nerd Valley. Besides my love for anything digital, radical and feminist, which drew me to the bay area, it could also be the weather. Since I was born in Netherlands, even foggy San Francisco is tropical to me.


By the way, did you know 70% of the world’s bacon comes from Netherlands? ALSO Gin was invented in the Netherlands. Damn, what would the world be like without the Dutch? Like a true Dutchie you will catch me riding around the city on my (bright pink) bicycle. No clogs, just sneakers. But I do like cheese…and gin.


Anyway, when I am not lost in the deep dark places of the web, looking for juicy details on artworks, I am either cuddling dogs or teaching fitness classes to seniors (no, really).  


You can catch all of Silke’s new reviews on her new Sartle page!

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Silke van de Grift


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