The Sartle Holiday Gift Guide

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Need a gift to delight/impress your art-loving friend/S.O./sibling/parent, or maybe just to #treatyoself? Look no further than the Sartle holiday gift guide. We’ve assembled a selection of the cutest, coolest, and funniest art-related gifts the internet has to offer and arranged them into one handy list for your gifting convenience.

For the grown-up coloring book enthusiast:

This coloring book features some of the greatest hits of art history and is gifting-ready with the optional add-on of some colored pencils. Plus, you’re supporting a small business. Win-win!


For your local feminist sticker enthusiast:

This sticker set spans art history and would make great stocking stuffers for your #girlsquad, or anyone you know who loves both art and feminism.


For the person who immediately points out all the butts in the museum:

When you put hot beverages in this mug, the clothes magically disappear to reveal famous nudes from art history. Probably nsfw.


For the person obsessed with Frida Kahlo (aren’t we all?):


This super cute action figure from our friends at Today is Art Day would look great on any desk or shelf. Plus, it’s scented (yes, scented). The company also makes figures of other famous artists, if you’d rather have Vermeer (who comes with a pair of pearl earrings) or or Dali (who has interchangeable mustaches).


For the cat-parent:

Who doesn't love cats? Zarathustra the 22-pound cat makes a perfect addition to the greatest hits of art history and is sure to amuse anyone.


For the architecture fan:

Who doesn’t want their own personal Louvre? Legos aren’t just for kids, and this architecture set allows you to reconnect with your inner child while also building your own personal miniature of the Louvre. They also have a set for the Guggenheim, if modern art is more your speed.


For the sock enthusiast:

David Sock-ney (get it?). There’s nothing better than some fun socks, and these are a pair you’d actually want in your stocking.


For the fashionista:

Sartle’s own Bosch leggings! Guaranteed to be the coolest leggings out there.


And finally: Anything from the Sartle store! Don’t forget to check out our shop, where you can find all sort of fun art-related (and pug-related) clothing, pins, and stickers. Plus, your purchase helps support what we do here at Sartle.


Happy Gifting!

Kaila Temple