David Hockney

Brits can't get enough scandal, and he doesn't disappoint
Saher Sohail


Who in the art world has not heard of this guy? Andy Warhol may have been the “idiot savant” but David Hockney is just, well, a savant to most.

Perhaps because Hockney has always been a bit more comfortable with his sexuality than shy, mild-mannered Andy. This is clear in Hockney’s frank portrayal of naked dudes taking showers, lathering up, bending over, etc. Right on, David.

David Hockney is totes English (watch him on the telly, innit!) but his love for California ensured the purchase of two humble abodes in LA. Since the guy is only worth a paltry £37 million.

He’s had a series of very public romances- one of them was made even more public through Jack Kazan’s biopic, A Bigger Splash. Also, he co-created the Hockney-Falco thesis, a theory which basically states that artists like Vermeer and Caravaggio were using optical tools as cheating devices while painting. You can watch AND read more about it in his BBC documentary plus book, Secret Knowledge.

Hockney received a great deal of attention very recently, when his 23 year old assistant died suddenly in his Yorkshire studio in August 2013. It might’ve had something to do with all the acid and the bottle of drain cleaner he had chugged…but according to reports “the inquest still continues." In spite of, or perhaps because of, all the widely broadcasted drama surrounding Hockney’s scandalous life, he continues to be one of the best loved and most successful artists in Britain to date.





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