The Pope's Got Some 'Splainin to Do!

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Did you hear that not one but TWO mummies in the Vatican’s “Ancient” Egyptian collection are fakes!?  Read all about these shifty impostors in Smithsonian Magazine. 

Highlights for me included the discovery of the 19th-century cultural phenomenon “mummy mania,” and the ominous sounding “Vatican Mummy Project,” which would be an excellent plot for an action movie. Just imagine…Brendan Fraser as Pope Francis. It’s genius! It’s divine! 



Is it just us or does this phony mummy also look a lot like “Ecce Homo” the unsolicited and thoroughly botched art “restoration” that made the Reddit rounds a few years back? 


At Sartle, we love an embarrassing scandal, and the best ones in art history often include Fakes and Forgeries. Sneak on over to read our stories of crime and intrigue, deception and stupidity!

Are they entertaining, you ask? Ha! Is Brendan Fraser Catholic?? 


By Angelica Jardini

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