The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (parts 1 and 2 for you movie buffs)

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Katniss being a public inspiration (Cupid’s Span by Claes Oldenburg housed at Rincon Park)

We’re at the final book here in the trilogy, and because we’re going by book and not by movie, if you haven’t seen the final Hunger Games installment there are SPOILERS AHEAD.

So Katniss and Gale, the boy who she pretends to love but also might really love are relocated to District 13, a militant underground resistance.  Her mom and Prim are there and Prim is a nurse.  The leader of this District is President Coin.  At first, Katniss is like “You used me like a pawn! I’ll never be your mockingjay!” but then she totally does it.  I mean, this is Katniss, right?  Okay so she agrees to film a bunch of propaganda against the Capitol to inspire the masses, but only on the condition that when Coin takes over, she’ll pardon all of the people who survived the hunger games (and it’s pretty horrible that she would only be that decent of a person because of Katniss but whatever).  Also Katniss gets to kill Snow.

They find out Peeta is being tortured so they go rescue him, and then they find out that he’s been brainwashed with trackerjacker venom and hates/is afraid of Katniss and wants to kill her.  It’s damn tragic but at least she has Gale’s jealous arms to hold her.  (This is where the first movie ends so for those of our beautiful audience that have made the unfortunate decision to not read, spoilers ahead.)

So the medics in District 13 wanna fix Peeta and Katniss is part of a plan to raid the Capitol.  Peeta is kinda better so they’re like, why not bring him? Kinda mentally sane as all anyone needs.  So they raid the Capitol but then a bomb is dropped on some trapped children.  Then the medics come in to save the children and more bombs come in and kill a ton of people.  You know who one of them is? Prim.  Let’s take a second.  This whole thing started to save Prim’s life and now it’s way out of hand and Prim dies anyway so what was even the point?!


Everyone including Prim being dead (A Tilbury Shelter Scene by Henry Moore housed at Tate Britain)

Understandably, Katniss is pissed the f*ck off and eventually goes back and captures Snow and gets all up in his face but then, twist!  He tells Katniss that he didn’t drop the bombs, and that it was Coin in an attempt to turn Snow supporters over to the other side.  He’s like “Not even I’m that horrible.  I would have sooner bounced than killed that many people for literally no reason.”  And she knows it’s real because he promised never to lie to her, remember?  Not only that, she also asked Gale if Coin could have done such a thing and he said “Well, she wouldn’t not do that.” So….

So it’s time to kill Snow who’s a prisoner and Coin gives a huge speech about how she’s gonna make the people of the Capitol fight to the death and Katniss is like “You damn idiot that’s exactly what we’re trying to stop.  I literally cannot even handle your stupidity right now” but she doesn’t say it out loud because she has bigger plans, which is to kill Coin instead of Snow.  Which she does.


Katniss killing Coin instead of Snow (Execution of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico by Édouard Manet housed in the Art Gallery of Mannheim

OMG can you imagine? All these people are like “YES let the reign of Coin COMMENCE” and then their pop culture icon just up and kills her.  Crazy.  Obviously a riot ensues and Katniss is arrested but she’s later pardoned for reason of insanity.  Also Snow is found dead later due to mouth ulcers.

Katniss and Peeta move back to the destroyed District 12 and eventually more people move back.  Katniss eventually has kids even though she swore she never would because now she doesn’t have to worry about her offspring being sacrificed to the government, and we’re left with the impression that everything will be okay, but who knows?


Katniss finally choosing Peeta, but tbh I was always kinda #TeamGale :/ (The Kiss by Auguste Rodin housed in the Rodin Museum)

The end for real.

By Maya

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Maya Jacobson