See Art Differently: Engaging New Audiences in World-changing Ways

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How do you like your museums?  I’ll take mine with some fun, sass, and a side of laughs.  Enjoy the Sartle-hosted panel See Art Differently: Engaging New Audiences in World-changing Ways at ArtMarket Art Fair – coming May 2.

Sartle’s founder Tania will participate in this panel discussion with Museumhack and SFMOMA about wild new initiatives bringing people closer to art in museums.


Panelist Ethan would probably enjoy the “Nip Slip” Sartle category

Join us for a lively panel discussion on new, unique, and interesting ways to engage audiences in art. From creating gaming initiatives with museum collections; to building an art database that combines serious art history with hilarious, strange, and shocking facts about artworks and artists; to highly interactive, subversive, fun, non-traditional museum tours; these panelists have done it all to captivate art haters and turn them into art lovers.  

Panelists include Ethan Angelica, Tour Guide, Head of Museum Consulting, and VIP Partnerships of Museum Hack; Tania Houtzager, founder of; Erica Gangsei, SFMOMA’s Head of Interpretive Media; and moderator Salvador Acevedo, a cultural participation entrepreneur and founder of Contemporanea consulting.”



Tania Houtzager, CEO and founder of San Francisco-based, created a growing online database of artworks, artists, and museums that combines traditional info with unconventional narratives, unusual facts, and relatable topics, thus enabling people to engage with art on a more personal – and fun! – level. exemplifies how education and technology can be used to subvert traditional museum practices to promote better art experiences for the general public. Sartle’s office is located in the nonprofit Embark Gallery here at Fort Mason Center. | | |


Ethan Angelica, Tour Guide, Head of Museum Consulting, and VIP Partnerships with the NYC-based company Museum Hack, helps make museum tours unbelievably fun–even for people who don’t like museums. Museum Hack’s renegade tour guides tell stories, play games and share gossip about artwork to keep their guests enthralled. They love it when someone says “That was the most fun I’ve had at a museum” | |


Erica Gangsei, SFMOMA’s Head of Interpretive Media, recently launched a groundbreaking program: PlaySFMOMA. This gaming initiative invites designers-in-residence to create digital and analog games for museum visitors. Her personal experience as an artist and her degree in philosophy contribute to her unique idea of combining the Bay Area’s tech community with the arts through gaming.

PlaySFMOMA | |


Salvador Acevedo, founder of Contemporanea consulting, is a cultural participation entrepreneur. He is deeply interested in the commonalities that connect people and communities—whether they be collective experiences, shared perspectives or points of arrival—and he applies those insights to develop strategies that are beyond multicultural and instead are truly intercultural. He has worked with numerous educational institutions, corporations, and foundations on projects ranging from consumer intelligence to organizational transformation, always with the goal of adapting practices and policies to changes in society.

Salvador is a regular speaker in conferences around the country on topics of cultural participation, cultural competence, and demographic and technology trends.

Salvador Acevedo | Twitter | Contemporanea


Can’t wait to see you there!  Please RSVP here: Facebook invite, and download your complimentary VIP tickets here.

With your ticket, you get access to the fair including the VIP lounge, and you can spend all day enjoying the art, food, libations, and gorgeous setting with views of the Golden Gate Bridge.  

by Carolyn Nickell

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