Permanent Collection: Gustav Klimt

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Gustav Klimt-inspired tattoos are like porn - I know one when I see it. Which is funny because in Klimt’s time his paintings were considered pornographic and now people are paying to have them permanently etched into their skin for everyone to see. If you’re thinking ‘Hmmm maybe I should get a Klimt tattoo, but I don’t know which one to pick,’ don’t worry. Sartle has you covered. Let’s see which category you fall into:

The Kiss - The Romantics

A sweet kiss on the cheek (no tongue) in a field of flowers with literal golden sunlight beaming down on you. Doesn’t that image just make you want to forget all your crippling insecurities and hangups from past relationships and fall in love again?

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I- The Hipsters

Technically you wouldn’t be a true hipster because everyone and their mother knows this painting now thanks to the Ryan Reynold’s Classic, "Woman in Gold." However, the diamond-shaped framing and the unique deconstruction of the Klimt’s background in this tattoo is seriously rad. A++ to the artist.

The Three Ages of Woman - The Cool Moms

Yeah, let’s keep the cute, endearing part of the painting and exclude the creepy Grudge-looking lady who reminds us that we all eventually grow old and die.

Nuda Veritas - The Body Positivity Supporters

Yas girl do you see those voluptuous curves??? Makes me want a tattoo of my own birthday suit. Don't worry, Mom. I’m not going to…But I definitely thought about it for a second because this tattoo reminds me that self-love is key.

Water Serpents I / Water Serpents I and II - The Dreamers

These tattoos remind me so much of old fairy tales books I read as a kid that were beautifully illustrated and filled with wood nymphs, mermaids, and fairies. This tattoo would remind you to embrace your inner kid and let your imagination run free.

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