Oh God, Trump still thinks he’s an “art history guy”

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His artistic dubiousness is still at it, folks, doing his damnedest to Make Art Great Again. When will he understand that art was already great to begin with? Considering the smack and all the backhanded compliments he’s dished out to some of history’s best artists – like Grunewald, Botticelli, or Raphael – the answer seems to lie between not soon enough and never, unfortunately.

It’s nice to see, however, that his latest project (the “Journel (sic) of Tremendously Beautiful Art,” nonetheless) is a far cry from tremendous. As of this writing, it appears that a grand total of three supporters want to see the ‘journel’ printed. But what we, the rational folk inhabiting time and space, see as three he probably sees as 1 million to 1.5 million. 


Conclusion: Delusional Donny should bow out of art history while the bowin’ is good. 

By Clayton

Clayton Schuster

Sr. Contributor

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