Mona Lisa Monday: Commence Now! The Wonder Lisa (1/∞)

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Oh my Mona Lisa!  There’s a million or more Mona mimicries we’ve found on the ol’ internet machine – and we can’t wait to share.  Every Monday, we’ll present to you one of the best Mona Lisa parodies in existence.  

Mona Lisa #1:  “The Wonder Lisa”


This image by Teddy Royannez via (nsfw)

Direct this, bro!” (Patty Jenkins, new director of Wonder Woman, now becomes the first female director of a DC Comic feature film. As an all-female staff at Sartle, we wholly support this motion.)

Stay tuned every Monday for a fanciful new Mona to grace your dashboard.

By Leonardo da Vinci at the Louvre

by Carolyn Nickell

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Carolyn Nickell


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