Make Art Great Again with Sartle and @TrumpArtHistory

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We (Sartle) are always on the prowl for new ways to bigly share our great love for art and humor. Many people are saying that we do the best job – whether that’s with blog series about how to get blitzed like a true art historian, or cataloging art’s greatest cats, or disseminating major sass-itude about art across social media. It’s why we’ve been putting our very high IQs to work on @TrumpArtHistory, a parody Twitter feed that imagines what might have happened had Trump tried his tiny hand at making art great again instead of… well, you know.

From day one, @TrumpArtHistory started making great friends and terrible enemies. Ever since, he’s been working tirelessly to Make Art Great Again. Which, as far as anyone can tell, means abolishing sculptures, taking exhibitions out of the hands of corrupt curators, and negotiating with artists to create oil paintings with luxurious colors and so much nudity it would make your head spin. So, since the source material doesn’t seem to be fading away any time soon, we’re going all in and turning @TrumpArtHistory into a book called Tremendously Beautiful Art.


What will Tremendously Beautiful Art look like? Sumptuous, perhaps. Big, definitely. Gaudy, of course. And it just wouldn’t be Drumpftacular if everything wasn’t gold, gold, gold! The basic idea is to print the best tweets off of @TrumpArtHistory alongside peer reviewed articles (that is, reviewed by him since he has no peer) describing Trump’s take on the nature of art and art criticism. Overall, we’re planning to create a conversation piece for you and your art loving friends that want (need) to have a joke at Trump’s expense.

Realizing a final product, though, is going to require a little bit of support. Thus, we’ve launched a Kickstarter to get the process in motion. The goal is $10,000 that we figure will lead to a product ready for distribution this summer. We’re offering some fun and generous rewards – including signed copies of the book and limited edition artwork straight from the hand of @TrumpArtHistory – to show we’re serious. So, please, take a look at our pitch, share, and, if this seems like something you’d enjoy, support it to help us make it happen.

By Clayton

Clayton Schuster

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