Let’s have a party, we’ll all dance the Horah!

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What’s up Sartle people? We decided to be a little less mainstream this year and have a Hanukkah party with all of our favorite artists.  The only way to get in would be for them to bring us an original menorah, because I don’t have one for every room yet.  (It’s not a Jewish household if there aren’t more menorahs than places to sit, am I right?)

Pop open a bottle of your favorite kosher beer and munch on some latkes and sufganiyot because it’s time to get this party started.

Pablo Picasso was the first one at our door, with this menorah in hand.  It’s not quite as out-there as some of his other portraits, but it sure is beautiful and he was such a mensch for putting in all of this hard work for us.  Or, at least we thought so until he started hitting on every woman in the office.

Our next guest is known for three things: her unibrow, her mustache, and her flowers.  That’s right, Frida Kahlo came back after all the fun she had at our Halloween party, and she brought this beautiful menorah which now sits in the place that her pumpkin once did.

There is an amazing scavenger-artist who created an entire piece out of bottle caps.  The problem is, he found a bunch of bottles along with the caps and had no idea what to do with them.  So when he got the invitation to our party, he jumped at the opportunity and made us a menorah out of spray-painted bottles.  The artist, by the way, is El Anatsui.

When we invited Julia Margaret Cameron we expected a menorah that held pictures on each branch or one covered in a collage of photos.  But she clearly didn’t understand the concept and instead just brought us a blurry picture of someone else’s menorah and I was like “Jules, I can’t put candles in that” and she was like “do you want some pictures of blurry candles?” and I was like “omg you can be so annoying” and we stood there awkwardly for a bit until I let her in.

Our coolest menorah came from Jim Campbell.  I was like “whoa!” and he was like “it literally took me two seconds” and then I asked if he knew my cousin who also went to MIT and graduated around four years ago and he told me that my question was stupid because they went to school in different decades, to which I respond “okay but you never know.”  He doesn’t know my cousin.

I’m kind of sad that we didn’t end up with one menorah for each night but that’s okay because the party still lasted for eight days!

-by Maya

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Maya Jacobson


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