Kyla and her BFF Beyoncé

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Hello! My name is Kyla and I “recently” graduated from Stanford last June with a degree in Art History. Last November, I started writing for Sartle, which makes this introduction just a tad bit tardy. Oops!

Just a few things about me: I love cuddles and all things sexy, which I make evident in my writing. I discuss spooning in Marc Chagall’s Over the Town


scandal in Tintoretto’s The Origin of the Milky Way


and seductive sisters in Peter Paul Rubens’s The Three Graces


So if any of those are your thing, you don’t have to tell us, but you should definitely check those reviews out.

And because I’m a Los Angeles native, I enjoy anything and anyone that makes headlines. I’ve written about Ronda Rousey, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé among others. So hit up the Sartle blog to see how I respond to current events and the media!

Thanks for reading and I hope you read more!

By Kyla

Kyla Crisostomo


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