Glasses Giveaway at the National Gallery and Tate Britain

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This is not a joke, I repeat, this is not a joke. I’ve got waaaay more glasses to pass out and I’ll be spending nearly all (I have to eat at some point) Thursday (April 2) at the National Gallery and Friday (April 3) at the Tate Britain between the hours of 1pm and 6pm (or 1300 and 1800) in London. 

I’ll be very easy to spot since I’ll be wearing a pair of the super amazing x-ray art decoding glasses as seen above. 

I can’t wait to meet more of you Sartlers and see what you do with your glasses! But, really, the best thing to do is force your dog to wear it like we do. 


Just look how happy Buster is :)

See you soon!


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